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appropriate computing resources

  26.05.2021 в 11:00   65  
Although edge computing is currently fragmented, according to a report by Gartner, it will witness the rise of new use cases in the next couple of years. In order to tap this market, the organizations must identify targeted areas, and develop ecosystems combining market knowledge with critical systems, software, location, and integration assets. 2021 will give way to use cases such as remote inspection, monitoring, and employee safety which will strengthen the future for edge computing. It is also expected that public cloud spending will take a step back in 2021 in favor of edge computing, as businesses will move towards local data storage.

By using the cloud with AR/VR, companies can provide an impressive customer experience as well as meet the core business purposes. Further on, the introduction of 5G in telecom is expected to open doors to new experiences and innovative customer engagement through AR and VR technology.
Blockchain is benefiting numerous sectors including telecom. as it can be effectively applied for tracking digitally recordable transactions. The technology has become crucial for the telecom industry as it offers improved transparency, traceability, and security. It is helping the telecom players to hold historical records of users without any chance of those records being tampered with and managing different aspects of the users’ accounts.
More info: telecom sector www.fieldengineer.com/blogs/how-will-the-telecom-industry-change-in-2019