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international R&D investment related

  30.04.2021 в 13:01   3  
The European Union Sixth Framework Programme includes nearly $300 million in funding for telecommunications research under the Information Society Technologies program: €138 million for mobile and wireless systems and “platforms beyond 3G,” €65 million for “broadband for all,” €63 million for “networked audiovisual systems and home platforms,” and €18 million for research networking testbeds
In the course of its work the committee developed a keen sense of the increasing competition from international telecommunications industries (in terms of both technology and price). However, it is very difficult to collect comprehensive information on international R&D investment related to telecommunications or to assess how such investments affect a given industry. Still, there is ample evidence that a number of other nations place considerable emphasis on R&D in this sector. Three member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, for example, have legal or regulatory mandates for such research:
In addition, several nations and regions conduct major research programs with significant government investment. It is, of course, difficult to compare research programs in detail because of differences in program structure, definitions of telecommunications, and so forth. However, several examples of investments made outside the United States provide a compelling illustration of the high priority being placed on telecommunications R&D outside the United States. Major initiatives include the following:

More info: it analyst- www.fieldengineer.com/skills/it-analyst